Bear with me…


More bear sketching today. This new work is bringing me such joy. I don’t know if it is just the change of project, or that it’s drawing, or that it is bringing me back to my first love, picture books, or if it is that I’m steeped in bears (they are SO DARN CUTE) but the work makes me light of spirit. Also, I spend much less time online when I’m at my drawing desk and away from the computer. Amen!

About Anna J. Boll

Anna J. Boll, MFA, MSEd is a children's book writer & illustrator, blogger, educator. She serves as a booking agent for her Creative Bookings clients. Click on Creative Curriculum to learn more about Common Core aligned curriculum for authors, illustrators, and publishers.
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3 Responses to Bear with me…

  1. jama says:

    Hooray for bear drawings! More, please. :)

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